March 12 - 19,  2022  |  El Palmar, Spain
April 16 - 23, 2022  |  El Palmar, Spain

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Flow like waves. And get inspired.

Enjoy some inspiring days during our Longboard & Yoga Retreat at the most beautiful end of Europe. With over 300 days of sunshine, its empty beaches and line-ups El Palmar is a little paradise for all surfers and ocean lovers out there. Behind pine trees and dunes, various beach and point breaks are waiting for you here, not to mention the laid-back atmosphere and surf vibes.

Everything is in flow, find your balance in motion.

As yoga, surfing is like meditation. Your focus and mind are in the present moment, the world around you is standing still while you are moving. Flowing with joy and ease.

Control and surrender.

Learn to read and respect the ocean, forces of nature, surrender. And at the same time own them, control the waves by anticipating, moving fluidly, dancing. 

Cross-Steps, Noserides and Sun Salutations. 

No matter if you're a longboard newbie or have already surfed waves for years - deepen your skills on the board in various longboard workshops and transfer your new knowledge into practice. Try out different shapes and sizes of longboards and fins and widen your longboard experience. Strengthen and stretch your muscles on the yoga mat and learn how to flow, moving your body smoothly and gracefully. Find your unique style.

 Discover, enjoy & recharge.

Apart from our theoretical and practical longboard workshops and daily yoga classes you have a lot of free time to discover the area, surf even more waves or enjoy your siesta.


A day at our Longboard & Yoga Retreat 

-  tea & morning meditation

-  Inside Yoga session (60-90 min.)

-  healthy & delicious brunch

-  longboard workshop, beach time

(depending on tide & waves we will do a 

sunset or sunrise session in the water)

-  Inside Yoga (60 min.)

-  vegetarian / vegan dinner (3 course menu)

-  relax by the fireplace, watch the stars, hang out in a beach bar, read, sleep...

The Longboard Days - Yoga & Longboard Retreat is perfect for you, if you..

            want to try out longboarding for the first time 

            or deepen your longboard skills with specific training & technique
            want to develop your personal yoga practice and support your surfing             by complimentary movement, functional training & active stretching
            no matter how experienced you already are

            enjoy Christmas by the sea in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere                   
            and have lots of fun in and out of the water!


We speak English, German, Spanish and French, classes will be held in DE/EN/ES depending on group.

YOGa - classes & style

Yoga and surfing complement each other perfectly.

Each with its own state of flow, be it gliding across the water surface, almost dancing, or moving fluidly through asanas synchronizing breath and movements. The only difference is the element you practice on - water or earth.

As the most graceful and natural style of surfing, longboarding forms symbiosis with yoga.

In yoga practice we strengthen and stretch our muscles and fascia, improve our sense of movement and body control, train balance and posture and reduce muscular imbalances. 

Balance in motion.

That's where the focus lies during our practice. Flowing from one pose to another, a seemingly endless movement without beginning or end. Sharpening our sense of balance and enhancing kinaesthetic intelligence.

During the longboard & surf retreat we will have daily yoga classes with various themes - adapted to the needs of surfers or longboarders. The style we practice is called Inside Yoga - a progressive, modern yoga style that focuses on healthy and anatomically correct alignment. 

Fascia Yoga Workshop: As the name already suggests, it's all about fascia, our network of connective tissue. Learn how to train, strengthen and stretch your fascia to make them smooth, flexible and resilient.

Inside Flow Special: Yoga on beat with modern music. Synchronizing breath and movement we build-up a “choreography” of asanas. Always in the flow, transitioning smoothly from one asana to the next. Meditation in movement. It can be addictive ;)

Lower Back & Neck Relief: Short or weak muscles and muscular imbalances caused by surfing are the main reasons for neck tension and back pain among surfers. Activating, strengthening and stretching the respective muscles can have a therapeutic effect and avoid long-term problems.

Surf Yoga & Functional Training: Challenging, powerful and dynamic, focusing on movement patterns from surfing. A combination of yoga and functional training.

The yoga classes take place in our Yoga Dome located in the garden of the retreat villa. Mats, blankets, pillows, blocks and belts are provided. Of course, you can bring your own yoga mat to the retreat. Depending on the participants, the classes will be held in German / English. we also speak Spanish & French. It doesn't matter if you are a yoga newbie or have already practiced for years - the classes will be for every level with the possibility of modifications to the exercises, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy movement :)