Longboard Days, March ´22

A Longboard & Yoga Retreat in El Palmar, Andalusia.

Longboard & Yoga Retreat, El Palmar, Spain. Ocean Flow

Two weeks ago we spent another week with amazing people at the second edition of our LONGBOARD DAYS in and around El Palmar.

Time to share some memories and impressions from our Longboard & Yoga Retreat together with our friends from @itsonlywater.

Surfing in the rain has something magical. Watching the rain drops falling onto the smooth water surface creating little patterns and circles, immersing ourselves in the sound of waves and rain, in this very moment of pure calm and ease.

A cathartic experience.

Longboard theory classes with an introduction to longboarding and our weekly fin talk in the It´s Only Water studio in Conil de la Frontera, Spain.

First (cross-)steps in the water with beautiful, little waves - perfect for practicing longboard technique and skills.

One of our highlights definitely was the visit to LONGWINTER Glassing, a local shaper studio in the region of Cádiz.

Thanks to Alejo, Lanky and Manu, the founders and shapers of LONGWINTER we got really close insights of the art of shaping and the different processes and steps in the creation of a longboard or surfboard.

Stay tuned for our short video about the visit of the shaping room!

Thanks for a great week to everyone who joined!

We are looking forward to our upcoming Longboard Days in April 2022 with you :)

Longboard & Yoga Retreat, El Palmar, Spain. Ocean Flow & Its Only Water
Longboard & Yoga Retreat, El Palmar, Spain. Ocean Flow & Its Only Water

Upcoming Longboard Days:

April 19-26 Longboard & Yoga Retreat, El Palmar

pictures by Cokoif / @itsonlywater and Barbara Peisl

video shot and edited by Barbara Peisl


music by artlist.io

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