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All beginnings are difficult

All beginnings are difficult. That's what I experienced moving abroad to a new city and growing my yoga business from scratch. Developing your community, your client base, becoming well-known and acquiring recognition in the first place, getting your foot in the door of the local yoga scene. Looking for places where to teach, renting a space, advertising and promoting yourself, distributing flyers, working on your homepage. Feeling downcast when nobody comes to your classes. And all that on top of a part-time job which you need to make a living. So many ideas but no time to realize them. Time flies by. And you still haven't reached your goals or ticked off your to-do list. In the beginning I felt insecure and I had my doubts. However, you must continue your efforts. By breaking down my major projects into small short-term goals and trying not to let myself being intimidated by the seemingly perfect instagram world, I managed to continue realizing my dream of my yoga business. I am still at the beginning and as it is said "all beginnings are difficult", but still I am proud to have taken the plunge.

road to Monument Valley
Let´s see where the journey takes us

As long as you are doing what you love and stay authentic, you will attract what you radiate.

Now, slowly but surely, I am becoming more confident and optimistic and feel excited about the future.

Let´s see where the journey will take me.

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