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Water perspectives

El Palmar Winter / Spring 2021

Wave photography, El Palmar, 2021.
Picture by Ocean Flow

During the winter months, when I was lacking inspiration and trying not to "wait" for the end of the lockdown but enjoy every day as best as possible, I started to become more engaged with the field of photography.

I love to watch stunning lighting atmospheres, the mood of sunrise and sunset, to find little details and beauty in nature and around me. This is something that fascinates me. At the same time taking pictures and filming has a soothing effect on my mind. Forgetting everything for a moment, setting a focus. A different kind of meditation.

Surf Photography, Sunset El Palmar, 2021.
Picture by Ocean Flow

While working in El Palmar, Spain, I happened to discover IT´S ONLY WATER, a small art collective from Conil de la Frontera. Together with a friend I signed up for the underwater photography workshop, a thing that sounded perfect for us. I love to learn new skills, to widen my horizon by gaining insights and inspiration. Especially in times of the pandemic, when everything else seems to be standing still, it was great to find something for personal development.

The time with Coko, the founder of IOW, and his team and friends was just amazing. Even though it was freezing cold and raining, we had so much fun in the ocean, learning about underwater photography techniques and above all finding our own perspective.

Pictures by @itsonlywater

From outside it seems so easy, but it turned out to be quite exhausting and challenging, diving through the waves, staying close to the water surface, looking through the lens and swimming with the fins. However, so rewarding and fun at the same time.

Here are some of our first water photography pictures we took during the workshop:

We were even gifted by a beautiful rainbow appearing above El Palmar.

Like straight out of a picture book :)

I enjoyed it so much - this combination of two of my biggest passions - being in the water and capturing atmosphere & light with my camera - that I got myself a underwater housing for the camera immediately afterwards.

And I am looking forward to every future session in the ocean, be it on the board or behind the lens :)

Thanks for the experience and unforgettable workshop day!

P.S.: Check out IT`S ONLY WATER in case you are going to El Palmar area for a visit of the taller or one of the workshops.

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