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Eco-friendly Yoga Mat Cleaner (DIY)

Clean your mat - clear your mind

A Yogi´s mat represents kind of a sacred space, one might call it a safe haven. It remains a place where you can go no matter where you are to clear your mind, ground and recharge. You touch your mat with your forehead in child's pose and you melt into it and let yourself go in Savasana. To keep a good energy you should clean it regularly.

Especially in summer, when you practice yoga outdoors a lot and tend to sweat more because of the hot weather, you might feel the urge to clean your mat once in a while ;) You don't have to buy an expensive mat cleaner spray, since you can do it yourself easily at home.

To make your own eco-friendly yoga mat cleaner you just need three ingredients:

Water (3/4 of spray bottle)

Vinegar (1/4 of spray bottle)

Essential Oils (a few drops)

Fill the water and vinegar into a small spray bottle and add a few drops of tea tree oil, which is antibacterial and antifungal. Additionally, you can add your favorite essential oil, e.g. lavender. Just be creative! Shake the bottle well, spray the cleaner on the mat, wipe it dry with a towel and enjoy your clean and freshly scented mat!

I love to choose scents that remind me of my favorite places, here are my favorites:

- lavender: the classic - for a scent of France, calming and relaxing

- pine: reminiscing long walks through the beautiful pine tree forests behind the dunes in southwest France and breathing the good summer air

- Monoi/Frangipani: exotic scents from alluring flowers in the tropics

- Zirbe (arolla pine): wandering through deep green, fresh and calming Tyrolean mountain forests

Other essential oils you want to use for your mat cleaner might be orange, bergamotte, peppermint, lemongrass, grapefruit or lemon oil. You can also combine them to create your personal favorite scent.

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Johannes Olszewski
Johannes Olszewski

Super Anleitung! Hab ich gerade ausprobiert und funktioniert top!

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