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Behind the Scenes

Let´s take you bts of our film "Ocean Asana" - a collaboration with Manduka Europe.

Johannes Olszewski produced and directed the short and was also the eye behind the camera. In the water and on land. A lot of scenes were shot in Super 8, Johannes therefore even constructed a water housing to be able to shoot in the ocean.

We love the evening light at the Costa de la Luz - most of the scenes were shot before and during sunset.

Especially the surf scenes were a lot of fun - and a lot of effort. You never know how it will turn out in the end, you have to be really agile and quick to catch the moment from behind the camera.

some stills from Ocean Asana

Working together with our friend and colleague, Daniel Lavilla from San Fernando, Cádiz, was amazing. You should definitely check out his classes in the area, when you go to Andalucía (@danielwavesyoga).

All bts pictures were shot analog - we are in love with the colours and the vibes - which bring us back to those evenings by the sea immediately.

Find out more about Johannes Olszewski and his creative work at One Inch Dreams.

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