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Entdecke unsere erste kleine Kollektion.

Bequeme T-Shirts & Sweater aus Biobaumwolle 

- für Yoga & Alltag.

Designt & bestickt in Deutschland.

Inspiriert von den Grün- und Blautönen in Wasser & Wellen. 

Neu im shop:

Flow like waves

Inspired by water & waves.

Vitalizing and relaxing. 

Like doing yoga or immersing yourself in fresh water.


Surfing the waves of the deep blue ocean or taking a swim in a mystical mountain lake.


Our collection is inspired by the endless shades of blue and green we find in water & waves.


The colors convey ease, freedom and and tranquility.


Calm, relaxing and invigorating at the same time. 


From light teal to a breezy touch of pastel serene blue.


Creating balance between body, mind & nature. 

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