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Looking back on 2021

Memorable moments, people and places in pictures.

Ocean Flow, Yoga Retreats & Photography

We started the year in calm atmosphere by the sea.

Due to the lockdown in Europe we had to cancel a lot of retreats here and in the mountains. However, the situation allowed us to recharge, to pursue our hobbies, like surfing and photography, and to take some time for personal growth.

First time of shooting in the water at the workshop "fotografía acuática" by @itsonlywater

In late spring we were finally able to host our first retreat of the year :)

YOGA am Ahornboden, June 2021

The (most) beautiful season of the year - fresh mountain air and flowers blooming everywhere in the Karwendel mountains.

By the end of June France was calling.

Some memories of a beautiful summer in the Maranga Surf Villa in Le Penon:

After this little summer break in France, teaching a lot of yoga for surfers and enjoying summer waves with old and new friends, our first retreat @Mesnerhof-C this season was just around the corner.

Sommer Dahoam - Yoga Retreat @ Mesnerhof-C mit La Luz, July 2021.

It was so nice to see the growing community, meeting friends from all over Germany at the end of the world in the Alps again.

YUNION Yoga Festival, Bad Hofgastein, August 2021.

Definitely one of the highlights 2021, meeting so many amazing people (#yoganerds) and making friends for life. Sharing the same passion and inspiring one another.

Besides, it felt so good to take part myself in yoga classes again after teaching so much online and offline.

YOGA MOUNTAIN Retreat, September 2021, Navis.

Relaxing and enjoying the warm sunshine in front of the Hubird Mountain Lodge, Navis.

After we had been forced to cancel and postpone our little retreat in Navis over and over again, we were so happy to finally go there last September.

As every autumn, we also spent a lot of time @Die Eng surrounded by its monumental mountains and landscape.

Yoga Retreat @ Eng, Ahornboden, September 2021

Yoga Retreat @ Mesnerhof-C, September 2021.

Autumn light creating magic - indoors and outdoors.

Our yoga retreat @Schnitzmühle in Bavaria premiered in October.

We were so lucky to spend an easy-going weekend full of sunshine and good food in beautiful Bavarian Forest.

Yoga Retreat @Mesnerhof-C, October 2021

October @Mesnerhof-C was a dream of late summer with blue sky and warm sunlight.

Sardinia, October 2021.

As a birthday present to myself I took some time off and we went to the beautiful island of Sardinia for surfing and enjoying nature and tranquility. Of course, we couldn't help but scout a new location for our "Il dolce far yoga" retreat this year in October ;)

Yoga Retreat @Mesnerhof-C, November 2021

Yoga Retreat Mesnerhof-C Tirol

We finished this year's YOGA x MOUNTAINS retreat season in Austria the weekend before lockdown started again. Luckily, we were still able to spend this weekend together with a great group!

Afterwards, it was time for learning & developing new skills in the field of yoga & movement therapy. Having an unforgettable time with my yoga friends :)

Personal Trainer YTT @ Inside Yoga Frankfurt, November & December 2021.

Off to Spain - with a lot of new inspiration and full of anticipation.

Longboard Days - our first longboard & yoga retreat during Christmas week.

We ended the year where we started it - in El Palmar, with three amazing weeks of longboard, yoga & surf retreats and great people! Thank you for the good times!

Yoga Surf Retreat Ocean Flow

We love to look at those pictures and memories from the last year and to reminisce about all the moments and especially people, who made them unforgettable.

Our retreat calendar for 2022 is already packed with a lot of yoga in our favorite, magical places in the mountains and by the sea that are waiting for you!

Have a look into our 2022 retreats:



Pictures by Barbara Peisl / Ocean Flow, Johannes Olzewski, Cokoif @itsonlywater

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